Talent Management

team-original“Average hiring mistake costs 15X an employee’s base salary in hard costs and productivity loss.” – Geoff Smart and Randy Street, Who

“Hiring success rate of managers is a dismal 50%” – Peter Drucker

“Finding the right people is the single biggest problem in business today.” – The Economist, October 7-13, 2006

“One of the hardest challenges is to hire people from outside the company. One of the basic failures in the hiring process is this: What is a resume? It is a record of a person’s career with all of the accomplishments embellished and all the failures removed.” – George Buckley, CEO of GM

“I think the fastest way to improve a company’s performance is to improve the talent of the workforce, whether it is the ultimate leader or someone leading a divisional organization. It just energizes the company and leads to positive things.” – John Zillmer, CEO Blacksone Group

“I think success comes from having the right person in the right job at the right time with the right skill set for the business problem that exists.” – Nick Chabraja, CEO General Dynamics


Jenny Mintz

Jenny Mintz

We provide full service staffing options for our clients with a dedicated talent management team. We have successfully staffed our clients with not only the right technical talent, but the right candidates to your companies culture. Ask us how we do this, we’ll be delighted to discuss!

We have placed:


  • We match great talent with your culture, first.
  • Be confident that the people we place with your organization have been fully vetted using our Team Science™ approach to understanding their skills/passions/motivators to exactly what you need
  • Most all of our placements have been either trained or worked with Peter Saddington, or one of our network consultants.


Please contact Jenny Mintz, VP of Development – jenny@myai.org


brenda-murray-action-influence“I was lucky enough to meet Jenny during some talent development efforts she conducted for Action & Influence, and I’m glad to say that we’ve met. I could talk about how well organized she was during the process, always with a quick follow up and precise follow through (because she has that down and then some). But what impressed me most was that Jenny cared about me as a candidate – she was interested in finding out about my talents, abilities, and career goals so that she could serve both me, her clients, and her organization exceptionally well. She was in constant contact with me during my candidacy, and demonstrated incredible integrity throughout the entire process. These qualities make her great at what she does and will greatly benefit any organization she serves.” – Brenda Murray, Sr. Consultant

michael-dumas-action-influence“Jenny works relentlessly with driven commitment to understand her client’s goals and capabilities, and takes true personal stock in every relationship she builds. She is a devout advocate for Agile practices, with infectious positive energy!” – Michael Dumas, Agile Project Manager and ScrumMaster

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