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What It Is - TeamScience is a proven technology solution that optimizes and accelerates your most valuable asset: Your human capital.

box-webWhy It Exists – Great businesses are built by incredible teams. We want to do away with mediocre teams, and as a result, mediocre organizations.

Who is it For – With over 200K+ users and growing, our solution works in the Fortune 50 to the bootstrapped technology startup to the non-profits and even in marriage counseling.

  • Understand & Grow Your Employees
  • Engage & Enlighten Your Organization
  • Create & Optimize Your Teams
  • Sustain & Accelerate Your Productivity

Team Science™ is the only Cultural Platform that allows you to see your entire organization on a single dashboard so you can optimize, change, and create the best high-performing teams unique to your culture and business.

The Process





What Our Customers Are Saying

As a 5531, I’m a big idea guy. High on relationship sensitivity and low on detail, preferring top-level strategic roles. I knew that my primary direct report and I worked well together but when I saw that she was a 2154, I learned exactly why. She’s analytical, plan-driven and tied to routine. The differences in our patterns are perfectly matched. Thanks to Peter for shining the light and teaching us to celebrate our differences. We’ll now use to make better assignments, creating a happier team and a stronger company. – Bill Fowler, CMO of Solid Earth Inc.

An important aspect of improving team performance is gaining a solid understanding how each member of your team functions both individually and in relationship to other members of their team. I have found that the Action and Influence model helpful in understanding and improving the performance of our team. - Luke Hohmann, CEO of The Innovation Games Company

At eyespeak the Team Science™ process has become a prerequisite within our hiring process. It provides insite into the person as well as their context within the team and tendencies for the role for which they are being considered. I can’t imagine going back to making these hiring decisions without that insite. - Benj Miller, CEO of eyespeak

Team Science™ brought a game changing level of clarity to how our leadership team works together.  It’s exposed the truth of our team dynamics and allowed us to pivot instead of persevere through the pain. - Clinton Wivell, COO and Chief Agilist at BTI360

The Team Science™ tool allowed us to see a high-level, objective picture of our individual strengths and natural wirings so we could better understand how to make decisions together. What was particularly helpful was the graph with all of our patterns plotted. We were able to quickly see that our patterns were well distributed across the grid, which is a good sign of a well-balanced team. - Billy Phenix, Buckhead Church

This workshop with Team Science™ was among the best we’ve had.   We had lively discussion in small teams about our results and implications of how each persons’ style would impact the work of a group. It clearly explained how the tool can be used to improve the interactions of members of any team, helping them to become the most effective people, individually and collectively, for their organization that they can be. - Bill Spinks, NACBA

Our executive team went through Team Science™ prior to our 2-day strategic offsite.  It CHANGED the way we communicate.  Conversations that were once met with frustration were now met with understanding.  I can say we are a stronger team because of Team Science! - MJ Wivell, CEO of BTI360

Using Team Science™ I now “manage” less… Now I have more informed conversations with quicker resolutions to issues. Incredible. - M. Scott, VP Morgan Stanley


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Case Studies

executive-leadership-qualification#1 – EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP QUALIFICATION

Unique Need:

New startup company was attempting to assemble the right Advisory Board for their new business – they had many to choose from and wanted to make the most strategic decisions possible.

Challenge & Environment:

Time was very limited as the investment and venture capital teams needed to see the startup assemble a world-class Advisory Board to see the young startup take off.

Although the collective network of known potential candidates, some who were experienced Executives from large organizations, they needed the right mix of aptitudes for the Advisory Board to serve effectively, cast vision, and help launch the flagship product on time to a very competitive market.

Results Achieved with Team Science:

It was decided that each potential Board Member take the Team Science™ survey as part of their candidacy opportunity.

It was also decided that each member of the startup team also take the Team Science™ survey as well as view the management dashboard to provide a shared understanding for deciding the right Board Members. Each group was served and facilitated by a qualified and certified Human Performance Trainer.

Net Result:

The results were phenomenal! Each potential candidate for the Advisory Board was fully understood, and only the most needed influencers were chosen based on their strategic alignment with the startup team, energy management, strategic market positioning, and networking leverage.

In addition, each elected board member fully understood their advisory role, and how they best could contribute to the overall mission and vision of the startup business while contributing valuable governance and direction.

The startup company has just tipped over the $1MM in revenue at the end of FY2011!


Unique Need:

Client organization needed to increase our overall team performance and the level of collaboration between team members so they could develop their supply chain management product faster.

Challenge & Environment:

An 8 person back-end infrastructure and system team, made up of 4 developers, 1 QA, 1 Product Owner, 1 PM, and 1 Manager is charged with creating a new solution from scratch for their supply chain management organization.

The team averaged 9 points per sprint for 5 sprints and midway through Sprint 5 they were introduced to the Team Science™ survey.

Results Achieved with Team Science™:

The team began to use their results from Team Science™ and three sprints later (after completing 8th sprint retrospective) they achieved the following results:

  1. Product Owner (high vision, high abstract) was struggling with managing the conversations that produced detailed points of execution – Team Science™ increased fluidity of conversation with greater level of detail empowering team members to speak into the fine details with greater strength and resolve.
  2. Lead Developer’s functional role and responsibility was to deep-dive into code structure at the SME level. His Team Science™ result was as an “Influencing Designer” with a score of 5451 – he was ill-equipped to deep-dive into the finite details and worked more effectively in a role of Lead Architect. Now he oversees the process and systems and reallocated team resources to achieve greater code deliver time.
  3. A QA Developer (Charger – 3233) was more naturally inclined to be motivator and encourager while being exceptionally good with his technical influence. Team Science™ clarified his role with an immediate lateral move from a peripheral team member to a core team decreasing time between development and testing.
  4. The Project Manager (Team Facilitator – 5523) struggled to create healthy expectations for weekly management reports. Team Science™ identified core gaps and allowed her to partner with a “Negotiator” which allowed her to create more effective communication for her PM role and responsibility. Management and executive team received better reports helping them to lead more wisely and strategically the product roadmap against core business objectives.

Net Result:

Within 2 sprints this team completed 28 and 22 points of work with an increased productivity of nearly 3X! Team Science™ increased communication and team collaboration according to their aptitudes and native team member strengths.


Unique Need:

New team was assembled to tackle a legacy development system and needed a fill a unique Business Analyst role to understand and communicate system requirements for optimization.

Challenge & Environment:

The new team was comprised of 9 team members (5 developers, 2 QA, 1 PM, 1 Manager) with no defined Product Owner. Inheriting the legacy system they needed someone who could quickly learn and modularize the system for optimized build times for a newer solution.

The team was assembled and was introduced to Team Science™ so that they could optimize their functional roles and responsibilities. Strategic consulting and coaching to key management helped them isolate potential Business Analysis candidates for greater success.

Results Achieved with Team Science™:

Although most of the candidates had high technical aptitude only 1 out of 6 had the right Team Science™ score to align with the current team makeup and business culture.

The ideal candidate had a score that ranged between a Specialist (2114) and a Results Oriented Implementer (2244) – in other words, this person was adept at helping to build systems with quality and detail, had the capacity to be direct and values driven with an abundance of data management and communication skill sets – a perfect candidate for the new team that was being assembled.

Within 2 weeks he was brought onto the team, and within another 2 weeks he analyzed the entire legacy system, built the right functional decomps, and communicated the needed modularization strategy to create component chunks of the system to be built for the future-state application.

Net Result:

The team wasted little time, resources, and energy between hiring the right candidate and integrating them into the team for maximum impact and effectiveness. The team also completed the system development on time to the day!

The entire organization also saved money on qualifying the right candidate for the job quickly and without waste.

The management team has since introduced Team Science™ to their other 2 teams and have found similar results and levels of success.

team-performance-acceleration#4 – SUB OPTIMAL TO OPTIMIZED TEAM

Unique Need:

A large enterprise with 10+ teams was undergoing a re-organization with new management. A common complaint heard was that “teams were way under capacity.” They needed to convert under-performing teams to optimal teams and create a culture for effective team development.

Challenge & Environment:

The new management team was struggling to keep the organization productive as the significant organizational changes were being implemented.

Things were tense and emotions were high – they did not want to lose key talent while re-prioritizing the core business objectives, some of which were significantly different than their historical development goals.

How could they continue to keep morale high while managing their resources better to create more effective and productive teams under the stress of new organizational direction?

Results Achieved with Team Science™:

Team Science™ was introduced at the management layer and spent 4 weeks with the team leads to optimize the management and membership with the right balance of technical aptitude and influence.

Team Science™ also helped align those that were more people-focused with those that were more focused on detail and better assigned people managers with the right team SMEs and producers.

With Team Science™ as an integral part of the restructuring each team was well poised to take on their new respective projects with zeal and enthusiasm as well as clearly defined success metrics.

As practical and pragmatic issues arose in each team, the management utilized the Team Science™ management dashboard to help optimize each team.

Net Result:

The net result was a global optimization through the use of Team Science™ and the management dashboard system. The assignment and placement of strategic personnel helped align strengths with responsibilities and increased overall morale despite significant organizational change.

Assimilation teams were able to plan the re-organization efforts with more clarity and decreased the down-time as they re-aligned resources and key management.

By utilizing Team Science™ management dashboard, the company was strategically positioned to hire and place from within and optimize their Information Management department.


What’s It Like Doing a Workshop with Us?


Who is Solid Earth and what is your business model?

Solid Earth is a small, privately-held software company known for creating strategic business partnerships with clients. We make incredible software by first understanding the client’s specific business problems. We then blend customer requirements with industry conditions and trends to make excellent solutions that solve both immediate needs as well as those just around the corner.

How has Team Science™ helped your company?

Solid Earth’s success is completely dependent on effective human collaboration. So, placing the right people in the right environment focused on the right task is absolutely critical. Team Science™ revealed strengths and untapped potential within the team we simply would never have identified on our own. We knew we had the proper pieces, but we weren’t always great at aligning them for the greatest possible outcome – and now we can.


We invited Action & Influence to present the Team Science™ survey at a recent NACBA Chapter meeting.  Prior to the meeting we had our participants  take the Team Science™ survey so that we would have first-hand sense how the tool works.  You read about how passionate engagement is so important….John brings that with everything he does.  He helps people be their best in whatever the environment is that matters to them…be it at work, at home, or in avocational pursuits.

This meeting was among the best we’ve had.   We had lively discussion in small teams about our results and implications of how each persons’ style would impact the work of a group.  John clearly explained how the tool can be used to improve the interactions of members of any team, helping them to become the most effective people, individually and collectively, for their organization that they can be.  We hope to have a continuing relationship with John because of the tremendous value that we believe he can bring to our work as Business Leaders.


Who are you and where did you guys come from?

Buckhead Church is one of five churches of North Point Ministries. We were founded in 2001 when a group of businessmen approached North Point Community Church about creating a church in Buckhead for their unchurched friends. We have grown from a few hundred people gathering on Sunday nights in a “borrowed space” to over 6,500 adults attending worship services each Sunday in the heart of Buckhead. Our leadership team consists of nine staff members who lead various departments in our church, including: Student and Children’s ministries, Singles, Groups, Care Network, Production, and Facilities.

How has Team Science™ helped your team? What were the areas of growth and opportunity?

Our leadership team meets once a week to discuss major issues or decisions affecting our church. While there is some overlap in daily responsibilities, the time spent in our weekly meeting is the only consistent time members interact with each other. The Team Science™ survey allowed us to see a high-level, objective picture of our individual strengths and natural wirings so we could better understand how to make decisions together. What was particularly helpful was the graph with all of our patterns plotted. We were able to quickly see that our patterns were well distributed across the grid, which is a good sign of a well-balanced team.

How do you see Team Science™ becoming part of your cultural DNA and being more integrated into your decision making?

Many of the directors on our leadership team plan to have the teams they manage take the assessment.

idea-originalLet’s Talk

Are you ready to see the same types of results in your own team and organization? It’s very possible with Team Science™! We’re ready to help to transform your business, increase productivity, morale, and help you achieve greater organizational success!

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