Agile Pocket Guide


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There is a solid way to build software quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively. You’ve found it: This Book on Agile software development with Scrum.

  • Any level of ScrumMaster or Project Lead can utilize this book to refine and develop their facilitation and Agile knowledge
  • Simple and easy application for you and your team
  • Know when you are ready to apply the principles through questions to ask yourself or your team
  • See the value of Agile principles applied through case studies
  • Download the Introduction to the book and example chapter on High Performance Teams here!

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What is Scrum?

The Scrum approach to software development is an Agile framework for teams to collaboratively develop and produce high-quality software in small pieces.

Why an eBook?

I wanted to create a quick-start guide for managers, developers, and software development practitioners who need better ways to produce better software.

Who should read this?

Any ScrumMaster or Project Leader who wants to help their teams reach the next level in productivity, efficiency, and transparency for the business.

Can I purchase a paperback version?

Yes you can!

The Scrum Pocket Guide: The Beginning

 You should write a book.

My boss told this to me years ago. At the time I was sending “Agile Updates” to the team every week, and I still do this in my consulting and coaching work. These Agile Updates were weekly emails about best practices in Agile software development taken from experience or applying better methods to what we were already doing as a team.

My hope is that this book can help bring clarity and improvement to implementing Scrum through organizational change and by bringing personal involvement and ownership into the equation. Any organization willing to embrace best practices in Scrum development from this book will also learn about the importance of culture within a team. It is this culture of empowerment that enables both teams and leaders of teams to reach their fullest potential.

What People Are Saying

A CSM class wasn’t enough for me… This book helped bridge the gaps and helped me apply Scrum better.

– Jeff, ScrumMaster

The Scrum Pocket Guide is an easy read and easy to follow.

– Jennifer, .Net Developer

Scrum Pocket Guide is well written. Easy to read. Peter doesn’t waste your time. He’s concise. And the information is accurate – Peter represents Scrum well.

Christopher Avery, Leadership Coach and Speaker

Peter nails it with this Scrum Pocket Guide. Don’t let the title fool you. Though it fits in your pocket, there’s more to it than just a quick start.

Derek Huether, CSM, PMP, Project Leader

It is a succinct, well thought out and easy to read guide for anyone using Scrum within their organization. After reading it, I liken it to Roman Pichlers Agile Product Management with Scrum book. Yes, it is that good.

David J. Bland, Agile Coach

Peter gave me this book to help me better understand my role as a Product Owner, it helped, a lot!

– Kirk, Sr. Product Manager

I read this book after an Agile workshop with Peter, thanks for writing this book!

– Andrew, CSM